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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a written contract?

It is important to get your booking confirmed in writing. All terms should be well defined to avoid future complications.

Do you have back-up equipment in case of emergencies?

Even professional equipment can fail, don't let this put an early end to your event. It is important to know that there is back-up equipment should an emergency arise.

Do you use equipment of professional quality?

There is a difference between home audio equipment and professional equipment. An Entertainer's equipment should be designed to sound crisp at all listening levels as well as durable.

Will you listen to all my concerns and inputs?

A professional Entertainer should welcome your input and ideas. You should meet with your Entertainer prior to your event to discuss your selections and make suggestions. Special requests should not be a problem.

Will the entertainer I meet be the entertainer at my function?

Simply put, yes. Locomotion believes that you should be able to meet the person that will entertain you & your guests, unlike other agencies that do not allow you to meet your entertainer until the day of the event.

What if my entertainer cannot make my event?

Locomotion has DJs who are on-call, and you will always be guaranteed to have a DJ at your occasion, if this becomes the case. Locomotion looks at this as the type of job that you cannot just call in sick, but we must all understand that there are circumstances which are beyond all of our control, so again we do have back up DJs on-call.

Will my Entertainer dress appropriately?

Our Entertainer's will always be dressed to the occasion. Tuxedo's are a must for Weddings (unless specified different from the client), all other occasions require Suit, Shirt and Tie, or Smart Casual, and yes we do have Entertainer's who will dress in costume for your Halloween Event's.

Will my Entertainer play a wide variety of music?

You want someone who will entertain everyone at the reception and know how to gear the music to you and your guests. The music library should contain everything from big band, oldies, disco to the latest dance, country and rock. We also offer to purchase any of your special songs that we do not currently have in our music libraries.

How do you handle yourself on the microphone?

We try not to overdo it. We feel your guests are not interested in hearing our Entertainers "ham it up" over the microphone. While we make all the announcements with our microphone, it is not uncommon to see us out among your guests encouraging requests.

What are your terms and conditions?

Our dates start booking out twelve to six months in advance. However, on many occasions we book dates as late as a couple of weeks ahead of time.